The procedure for reviewing articles submitted for publication in the «Bulletin of the Kaliningrad branch of the St. Petersburg University of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Russia»

Reviewing under consideration is understood by scientists and experts submitted for publication in scientific articles before publication. It is used for peer review and selection of articles for publication. Publication in the magazine articles that have not undergone peer review are not allowed.
Peer reviews carried out in two stages: external and internal. As an external review discusses the review made by the author to the manuscript. Along with the manuscript to the editor submitted two reviews prepared by experts working in the field, relevant topics of the article. All articles submitted for publication, through the stage of internal review. At this stage, peer review carried out by members of the editorial board.
If an article received a negative review of the reviewer, the author is given 7 days to correct deficiencies. In case of disagreement with the author's observations of the reviewer, the author is entitled to submit to the editors reasoned objections. Missing the deadline for elimination of deficiencies allows editors to refuse the author in making articles for publication in the next issue of the magazine.
The review should include an expert assessment of compliance of Article Themes, assessment of its relevance, novelty, scientific and / or practical significance of the material corresponding to the name and content, full disclosure of the theme, language and style of presentation. The resolution of the reviewer conducted on the basis of its analysis of the article gives an opinion on the possibility of publishing the peer-reviewed journal articles. The final decision about the possibility of publication of the article takes the Editorial Board on the basis of the results of the review.
In case of failure to publish an article revision directs its author reasoned notification of the decision. The notification shall be accompanied by copies of the negative comments received on this article. Reviews received articles submitted for publication in the journal stored in the archive version of at least five years.
The editors have the right to publish information about the reviewers who gave a positive opinion on the possibility of publication of the article in the magazine, along with this article.

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