Memo to the authors of publications in the journal «Bulletin of the Kaliningrad branch of the St. Petersburg University of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Russia»

1. Deadline for submission of materials in №1 this year - until February 1, in №2 - until May 1, in №3 - until August 1, in №4 - until November 1.
2. The article appears in the form of a print out of the manuscript and an electronic version, identical paper version, on a magnetic medium.
3. The volume of the manuscript should not exceed 10 A4 pages, including tables, figures, bibliography and appendices.
4. The manuscript should be accompanied by two reviews, reviewers' signatures must be certified at their place of work.
5. The manuscript should be signed by the author (co-authors), certified by the signature of the place of work or study.
6. Attached to the article the following information about author (each co-author): surname, first name, middle name (in full); principal place of employment, position (for doctoral students, post-graduate students and applicants as full name of the institution in which the research activity); academic degrees and titles, honors, special rank; contact information (e-mail).
7. Manuscripts post-graduate students and applicants must be initialed by the certified signature of the supervisor (the name, initials, academic degrees and titles, and position).
8. Technical requirements:
­ manuscript text and annexed materials printed on A4 sheets in a text editor «MSWord» with 1.5 line spacing using font sets «Times New Roman (Cyr)», size 14 pt;
­ options page top margin of 2 cm, bottom margin of 2 cm, right margin of 2 cm, 2.5 cm left margin;
­ not be exhibiting the «red line» at the beginning of the paragraph or the tabulator key «gap», indent is set in the menu «Format - Paragraph - First line (inset 1.25 mm)»;
­ text is aligned «in width»;
- file name is given on the author's name, eg, «Petrov.doc»;
­ the manuscript contains information about the reviewers;
­ tables, graphs and other objects attached to infograficheskie electronic version in separate files (eg «Petrov.Tablitsa1.doc»), while in the text indicate their locations;
­ if the article attached graphics files, they are referred to by author's name with the number of images in accordance with those used in the text, such as «Petrov.Risunok1.jpg» (allowing the image in a graphics file 300 dpi).
9. Each article should be bibliographic list, compiled with the requirements of GOST R 7.052008 «Bibliographic references». In the text the reference number of the bibliographic list is printed in brackets, numbering solid. Bibliographic list is placed immediately after the text of the article.
10. In the article must necessarily be:
­ translation of the title into English;
­ transliteration (writing letters) surname and initials of the author (authors);
­ annotations (from 2 to 5 sentences) in Russian and English languages;
­ lists of key words in the English and Russian languages.
11. The article should have cipher UDC.
12. Materials should be submitted in person or sent by mail (electronic version is permitted to send e-mail).
13. Author's copies of the magazine are distributed by subscription only, executed in advance.

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